"Susan Ruth’s fourth independent studio album, All I Ever Wanted Was Everything [co-produced by Susan Ruth and Jim Kimball], has just about everything for the contemporary pop/rock listener. Her voice is clear, strong and ‘adult’—a quality which sets her apart from many female artists in this genre...The songs themselves are well written with strong melodies and adult lyrics. Themes of happiness, loneliness and relationships are handled in a refreshingly non-teenage manner. Influences of artists such as Joni Mitchell, Vanessa Carlton and even U2 are evident. Most are musically in the pop/rock genre, arranged and played by a Nashville studio crew. As slick as the studio band is, the ballads (such as ‘When I Sleep’ and ‘All I Ever Wanted’) are particularly effective, largely performed as simple piano/vocal tracks...In all, this album is a very strong artistic statement from an experienced writer and performer. The world needs more artists like Susan Ruth."

-  Richard Niles (Grammy award winning arranger, writer, producer)