When I was young, my parents wouldn't let me watch All In The Family. They thought (rightfully so) I was yet too young to understand the irony or to know that Archie stood as the embodiment for the blindness and ignorance of so many (it was always touching when he had his moments of Grace and understanding for his fellow person).

It was a brilliant show, way ahead of its time. It touched on huge taboo topics that, even today, humanity struggles with. Norman Lear is certainly a genius writer, but truly his cast was exceptional, as well.

One could write endless papers on the many subtle and not so subtle commentary woven into each episode...down to the theme song, "Those Were The Days."

If you've never seen it, I highly recommend you watch from start to finish. We've lost nearly all of the great actors and actresses from that show. But they left one hell of a legacy.

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