The first thing you notice is the legroom. It’s a miracle of engineering, the plane, but not so much when it comes to comfort. The Wright Brothers were probably five foot nothing so what did they care if nearly 100 years later I’d be stuffing my Amazonian self into their invention. However, today I am feeling five foot tall and loving it! Today I sit in First Class from ATL to Charles De Gaul and there is a mile of plane between my feet and the seat in front of me.
In the midst of my calisthenics and morning run (hyperbole is important when describing the space) I hear the most angelic voice…”Champagne, mimosa or orange juice?” As the voice inquires further, imploring attention, “Champagne,  Mademoiselle?” I realize it is me she is speaking to and thus begins my luxury flight into the Sky of Blissful Travel.
In FC (as it's now time for the obnoxious casual reference to something to imply a seemingly second nature) there is a hot, moist towel service, drinks, and…wait for it…real knives and forks! Apparently, terrorists are so uncivilized they never fly FC (though it would be a great way to start their journey to the 72 virgins) and therefore there is no concern that a sharp knife will be pocketed, diabolically misused or otherwise engaged to remove screws (I've done this at home and it works). My friend (and traveling companion for the next 19 days) and I eat our steaks and are actually able to cut it with THE real knives in our hands (down with Sporks). My gluten allergy has the flight attendants throwing rice cakes at me every few hours, and, who knew? they go quite well with champagne!
The bathrooms aren’t even disgrossting! There’s room to do the Hokey Pokey (a theory I, of course, tested) and the overwhelming fear of plague, dysentery and general malady I usually get in the plane-o-potty evaporates like the thin après mint served post meal.
I might never get to experience FC again (after the flight home) but if you get the wonderful chance, I recommend it at least once in your life, it makes a nine hours pass quickly and it definitely makes the friendly skies that much more friendly.