I am a very lucky girl. This is all I can think of as I’m taking in my room at the hotel in Florence; the Helvetica-Bristol. 

They upgraded me upon arrival (which begs, has anyone ever been downgraded?) and I glided into luxury as soon as I opened the door.

Immediately to the right of the entry way, I spied the marble floored bathroom. It sparkled brilliant white. The shower/bath was fitted with a “rain forest” style head, as well as an additional side, removable shower head, for those hard to reach dirty bits I keep reading about in health manuals.  

Giant, fluffy white towels hung from the heated three-tiered rack and three large mirrors provided at-a-glance views of all necessary angles. A large round 2x (3x if flipped) make-up mirror protruded from the wall in case I cared to watch the evolution of a newly formed chin blemish in terrifying detail. 

And of course, the bidet and toilet kept watch from their respective corners. I think the concept of the bidet is great, but no matter how clean the thing looks, I still can’t bring myself to use one that’s likely seen the dark side of someone else’s moon. Catch me on a maiden voyage and maybe I’ll give it a swirl, but unless I'm to be the only bottom to have ever found that clean, fresh feeling, I’m not interested.

Down a long hallway, the bedroom beckoned, in all its pink, flesh and rose colored wallpaper, curtain and bed duvet glory. Anyone I Skyped with during my stay in the HB will attest to its wholly pinkness, as if I were nestled into the true bosom of the hotel.

Giant, lighted wardrobes lined each side of the bed and a lovely antique writing desk sat squarely in the middle of two oversized green sitting chairs. A small end table boasted two oversized books on the art of Italy. 

The king-sized bed was tucked into a nook with built-in side shelves, and the room looked over a courtyard through leaded, cast iron filigreed, nearly 5′x5′ windowpanes.

I did a check for peas under the mattress (clearly the concierge mistook me for a princess) and crawled onto the pillow stacked bed. Comfy, firm, but not too firm, I fought the nearly overwhelming urge to settle in and instead, unpacked and took a much needed shower. 

As the rainforest washed away the long flight, I imagined the next three days of decadent life, at the glorious Helvetica-Bristol, tucked in each night and softly, lovingly awakened each morning by this beautiful cradle of comfort and joy. 

Carefully stepping from the shower onto the wooly pile of bathmat, I wrapped up my hair with my heated towel and foregoing what the simple folk might do, fully caught up in the bliss of the moment and the spoils of an upgrade, I dried myself in the manner befitting the moment. I twirled about the room Princess style.