👴🇫🇷🚶🏠💃📢💪🎩🎉👹🍄😳🙇💀🌐🌴🔍😻☎️⌛️⏰💰💊🛀📦🐓🐊👾🎱🏇🃏🐲🙋🍆🍭👻🔮🎆😬😮😋😂😍😇 👴💃💥💢🚶😴😳👨🍪✋

An elderly French monk appears at a young man's door while the young man is giving a tango lesson to a beautiful woman dressed in red. Wanting the fair lady for himself, the monk, who has broken his vow of silence, challenges the young man to an arm wrestling contest. A true gentleman, the young man accepts and wins, but the monk is diabolical and has poisoned his own sweat with a deadly mushroom elixir. The young man perishes, but not before having the most trippin balls psychotropic experience of his life. Moments later the monk and the girl vanish and the young man wakes up and swears never to eat his Uncle Larry's pot cookies again. The End.