"Sometimes the thing in your heart feels so big and you don't know if it really is because you keep it in such a tiny cage. But if you let it flutter about, pushing its wings through open cracks, trying to find a little light, maybe when no one's looking, it'll take its chance and fly free and then you'll know. You'll see it's even bigger than you ever imagined." - Susan Ruth

I wrote this as a note to myself a little while back. It was a reminder to be open and unafraid. As a creative it's important to be aware of the dance of egos within. Egos? As in two? Is there medication for that? Ha! I'm sure you know what I mean. There's the Ego that thinks "Hey, I'm doing great today!" and the Ego that thinks, "I'm a failure and even my best isn't enough." 

I post a lot on Facebook. In general, it's wacky or interesting things I find out on the Interwebs and I'm a huge fan of quotes. So much so, that I write my own from time to time. Can it be considered a quote if I'm the one who wrote it? I'm not sure about the technicalities, but I'm going to keep posting "quotes" from me, regardless. Anyway, I posted the "my" quote above on FB, because I figured, if I need to be reminded of this stuff, probably someone else does, too. I'm a big believer that we're all in this together. Life gets brutal and it can be full on fantastic. Many days are somewhere in between. Some days are both in the same day. That's being a creative. Maybe that's being a human, too. So, I wanted to remind folks that their heart is big and to let it fly free, because we all need that, we all need each others hearts out and open and flying around and making the world a better, more interesting and loving place. Werd. xo